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MarkFiber optics are here to stay. No longer a futuristic notion, the paradigm in the cabling world has shifted to fiber optics. Businesses are increasingly demanding fiber optics integration into their networks and residences are finding fiber optic internet options. We have been serving Los Angeles & Orange County for more than 10 years and recently the demand for fiber optics has skyrocketed. We have highly qualified and trained technicians who can bring your business up to speed.

We have successfully performed hundreds of fiber optics installations in Southern California and are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and local businesses alike. If you are looking for excellent installations from a company that hits deadlines while offering competitive pricing, you’re in the right place. Call or email us today for a FREE estimate. You have nothing to lose and I’m positive you’ll like what you see. Call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – 1.888.447.2871.

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Fiber Optics Los Angeles

Fiber Optics In Los Angeles: FAQ

What are Fiber Optics?
Fiber optic cable are strands of glass or plastic filament, used to transfer data in the form of light pulses. Like their copper predecessors, fiber optic cables can be installed or retrofitted in a building or campus and are capable of being spliced into multi-mile runs. Several layers or buffers and coatings are used to protect the delicate fiber optic filament from moisture, corrosion and pests. Most telecom companies handle fiber optic runs between neighborhoods and campuses of buildings, but you’ll need to work with a local installer to get fiber optic wiring installed in your home or organization’s building.

Does your business need Fiber Optics?
The majority of broadband and cable television providers have already started or are in the process of implementing and optimizing their network for the cost efficiency of fiber optic cabling. Unlike the copper filament used in coaxial cable networks, fiber optics cabling handles the combined bandwidths of broadband internet and digital television with ease. Fiber optics is also perfect for businesses that would like to take advantage of the clarity and reliability of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system. By upgrading your business’ copper infrastructure with fiber optics, your network will be robust enough to manage VOIP switch boxes without compromising the speed of its broadband networks.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiber Optics
Fiber optics cables carry more data and are more durable than their copper counterparts. The limits of fiber optics’ bandwidth have yet to be fully realized. Regardless, the current bandwidth of fiber optics cables exceeds that of copper by at least a hundred times. Fiber optic cables can run hundreds of miles longer than the best copper installations, and they can be up to eight times stronger than copper. But Fiber optic cabling isn’t with out its cons. the major drawback of fiber optics is that it doesn’t carry power. In contrast, copper cabling can transfer power to connected devices. A power outage would cripple a fiber optic network. However, power generator and battery backups can keep your networks up and running into your broadband provider reestablishes power in your building.

How a Professional Fiber Optics Contractor can help you (sourcing, better pricing, responsibility, professional installation, more effective)?
The installation of fiber optics cabling is a sterile process. Fiber optics cables and their conductors must remain free of dirt and dust. When you’re ready for fiber optic cabling your building, you’ll need to consult with a contractor that’s both professional and cost effective. Contracting a responsible installer will help to ensure that you receive a clean installation and reliable support. A professional installation will also save you more money than attempting the job yourself, as a do-it-yourself installation will require several thousand dollars just to start. Contracting professional installers for your building’s fiber optic cabling will also include with it a guarantee of the cabling installation, ensuring that your broadband connection won’t be plagued with faults and you’ll receive optimal speeds from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and CATV (Cable TV) providers.

Why choose us for Fiber Optics in Los Angeles?
We have over 10 years of experience in installing cabling in the Los Angeles, and we offer the most competitive fiber optics pricing in the area. We provide honest assessments of your building’s infrastructure and everything you need to know to make an informed decision on a fiber optics plan. Count on us to offer you the same quality network cabling & fiber cabling installations that we’ve provided to hundreds of clients.


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